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Clean respiratory tract

INHALIC has a cleansing and protective effect on the respiratory tract. It contains 8 different herbs and vitamin A, and their synergistic action imparts to this product's extraordinary properties. INHALIC removes deposits and contaminations from the respiratory tract, it has an expectorant effect and stimulates mucosa cilia. It has bacteriocidal and disinfectant properties, so it can be used in mild diseases of the respiratory tract and as a supportive agent in the treatment of serious diseases. On the other hand, on hot days, when the air has a drying effect or if it contains harmful gases and dusts - INHALIC acts as a protective balsam. It stimulates mucus secretion and boosts the natural barrier of the respiratory tract. Thanks to the preparation, pigeons can be kept in good respiratory condition, which is crucial to achieving good flying results.


INHALIC should be given:

  • After winter to cleanse the respiratory tract and prepare birds for the flying season
  • During the flying period to protect the respiratory tract
  • As a supportive agent in the treatment of upper respiratory tract ailments (mycoplasmosis, infectious cold, trichomonadosis, ornithosis)
  • As a protective agent on hot days and in poor air quality
  • During convalescence periods to regenerate mucosa


INHALIC should be given:

In drinking water – 2.5 mL / 1 L

  • Cleansing after winter – twice daily for 5-7 days
  • Nestlings – once a week (with FUNGI Stop)
  • Flights – before and after a flight – once daily
  • Moulting – once-twice a week (with H2O Intensive) Respiratory tract diseases – twice daily for 5-7 days

Inhalation – 10-20 mL / 1 L of warm water, spray inside the loft or apply with an air humidifier.

  • On hot days and in poor air quality – twice daily
  • Respiratory tract diseases – 2-3 times a day for the duration of the illness

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1 l of INHALIC contains: substances of plant origin from: anise, peppermint, marshmallow, eucalyptus, plantain, common soapwort; Vitamin A.

NOTE ! Shake before use


125 ml 125 ml bottle contains 1000 portions for 1 pigeon. For the 100 pigeons for 10 applications.
250 ml 250 ml bottle contains 2000 portions for 1 pigeon. For the 100 pigeons for 20 applications.